Previous Competitions

Ver Poets Open Competition 2021

The results of the 2021 competition are given below:

First Prize: Gratitude by Vanessa Lampert

Second Prize: The Translation of Breath by Ilse Pedler

Third Prize: Psittacula Krameri by Justine Knowles

Highly Commended:

  • The Feral Herd of Swona, Orkney by Ken Evans
  • Memory by Christine Bury
  • On Becoming a Chair by Fiona Ritchie Walker
  • Voyagers by Pamela Job
  • Hard Water by Selwyn Veater
  • It’s wonderful to be alive, again! by Robert Fife


  • The Priest Hole Maker by Keith Chandler
  • They say that octopuses change colour… by Sara Levy
  • The Island Surveyor by John Lancaster
  • Scintilla by S.K.Grout
  • Roots by Amy Malloy
  • Picking up My Grandfather by Paul Stephenson


  • Self Portrait …by Ken Evans
  • Talking with Dad…. by Ken Evans
  • Shrugs by Margaret Eddershaw
  • Moonflowers by Christine Bury
  • Anointing by Fiona Ritchie Walker
  • After the Flood … by Fiona Ritchie Walker
  • Bridle by Diana Cant
  • Old Zek by Ian Heffernan
  • Wash Day by Sylvia Banham
  • On finding a small waterfall by Sam Cassels
  • All I could offer by Robert Edward Gurney
  • Sunlight House by Marion Oxley
  • Musing on Rembrandt… by Jeanette Burton
  • His Hair by Catherine Edmunds
  • Alphabet City by Katriona Campbell
  • The Honeyeaters by Ben Verinder
  • Gravity by Sue Spiers
  • ‘What is it like to be a bat?’ by Becky Cherriman
  • Pépé Dalle by Sharon Black
  • Here by Sue Leigh
  • In plain sight by Amy Malloy
  • Scanner by Phil Kirby
  • Valedictory by Phil Kirby
  • Digging the Canal by Christopher James

Our competition anthology, The Ver Prize 2021, includes all of the above poems and the judge André Mangeot’s report. All those included will receive a copy. Further copies can be ordered by sending a cheque for £4 (plus £1 p&p), made payable to Ver Poets, to 181 Sandridge Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AH.