2022 Open Competition

Ver Poets Open Competition 2022

The results of the 2022 competition are given below:

First Prize: Duracell by Isabella Mead

Second Prize: After the Disappearances by Penny Blackburn

Third Prize: Your Psychosis by Angela Ward

Highly Commended:

  • The Typesetter’s Funeral by Mark Joseph
  • Haibun for a Son, Cooking by Ken Evans
  • The frame is offensively ornate and there’s nowhere to cry in the Tate by Kat Dixon
  • The clock test and other regrets by Janet Hatherley


  • Birthday by Genevieve Carver
  • Mutual by Ian Heffernan
  • The Limits of Music as Time Travel by Polly Atkin
  • Scan by Greg Smith

Selected for the anthology:

  • Illuminated HSBC signs, Canary Wharf by Carl Tomlinson
  • A Day At The Crypto Races by Julian Bishop
  • Folding Sheets by Elizabeth Diamond
  • So Tiny and Forlorn by S. Hill
  • A Roman Snail by Keith Chandler
  • Portrait of a Warehouse during a Heatwave by Julia Stothard
  • Religion by Sue Johns
  • Kingfisher by Ben Verinder
  • Landscape Looks at Hands by Belinda Singleton
  • On Blackheath Station by Catherine Ormell
  • Reinventing the Pig by Catherine Ormell
  • The Church Bell in My Bed by Mark Joseph
  • I Got Them Down-Home Metaphysical Blues Again, Mama by Oz Hardwick
  • She’d glitter the stars by Cynthia Kitchen
  • The Orchid Hunters by Christopher Horton
  • Alive by Rodney Wood
  • emotional hoarding by Elana Waite
  • Four audible sighs by Alison Campbell
  • The Table of the Sun by John Hussey
  • OXYGEN by Philip Burton
  • ghost gum, kings canyon by Mary Mulholland
  • Gift by Will Eaves
  • Perspective Christopher Horton
  • The Elephant in the Room Was The Least Of Our Worries by Miles Salter
  • Vanishing Point by Julia Stothard

Our competition anthology, The Ver Prize 2022, includes all of the above poems and the judge John McCullough’s report. All those included will receive a copy. Further copies can be ordered by sending a cheque for £4 (plus £1 p&p), made payable to Ver Poets, to 181 Sandridge Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4AH.

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