Ver Poets is a group of poets who meet regularly in St Albans, United Kingdom, to discuss poetry and to share their poems. There is also a large postal membership and a regular newsletter. Regular poetry workshops enable members to share their poems and hone their craft.

Ver Poets was founded in 1966 by May Badman. ‘Ver’ refers to the river flowing through St Albans, where the group meets. The group has a local, national and international membership.

maybadmanMay Badman organised the meetings, competitions and published many anthologies until 2004. During that time, membership grew steadily to include poets from over the whole country and abroad. May maintained her links with the society as Patron, and continued to publish anthologies of her poetry until her death in 2011.

Current President, John Mole, is a well-known poet. John is currently Poet in Residence for the City of London, critic and jazz clarinettist.

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